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Tyler McLaren, BCFC President

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Canadian Junior Football League


The BC Football Conference was formed in 1947 under the name of the Junior Big 4. The league was comprised of players twenty-one years and under. The league was formed in place of a senior league and was backed by the Vancouver Junior Board of Trade.

The league had two objectives in mind when forming:

1. To combat juvenile delinquency

2. To build up local football to the point that when players reach the senior age a senior league could be formed that could become a contender for the Grey Cup.

The league had four founding members, the Vancouver Blue Bombers, Vancouver Meralomas, North Shore Lions and C.Y.O. Red Raiders. Over the next 62 years there have been twenty-three different franchises taking part in the league.

There have been seven national champions crowned from the B.C. league. Vancouver Blue Bombers in 1947, Vancouver Trojans in 1982, Okanagan Sun in 1988 and 2000 and the Vancouver Island Raiders in 2006 and 2008 & 2009.

Along with many players over the years from the BCFC who have been recognized as All-Canadians, many have also been honoured as Outstanding Players in Canada. Since the introduction of the CJFL Outstanding Player Awards in 1982, BCFC players have been recognized 17 times.

The BCFC takes great pride in being the stepping stone for players as they advance their football careers. There have been countless players who have participated in the BCFC and moved on to play at the college and university levels. And since the formation of the BCFC there has been 120 former BCFC players who have gone on to play professional football in the CFL. 

The BCFC mission statement: The BCFC supports and advances opportunities for 18-22 year olds for character building, personal health and well being, leadership and skills development through playing organized and competitive Canadian football.