British Columbia Provincial Football Association: Coaching Development
NCCP Information
  • The NCCP is THE recognized national standard for coach training and certification in Canada. As part of the program, all coaches are trained in ethical decision-making and sport safety. In response to an extensive evaluation, the Coaching Association of Canada has adapted the NCCP to fit today’s coaching environment. Since 1997, the emphasis of the NCCP has been on developing competent coaches – an exciting step towards helping them to become more effective and have a more meaningful impact on an athlete’s experience. Among these important changes has been a shift in emphasis from “what a coach knows” to “what a coach can do”. This transformation to a competency/outcomes-based approach has been a key factor in the re-development of the program.
NCCP Program overview

NCCP Fact Sheet for New Coaches 

NCCP National Coaching Requirements

NCCP and BCPFA – Requirements to be a BCPFA coach

All BC Community Head coaches, at all levels, must be in possession of:                     
  1. Check your NCCP Certification
  2. Making Head Way (free, on-line)
  3. Safe Contact (5-6 hour workshop)
Address Fear of Contact Preparing for Contact
Performance Analyze
Teach Safe Tackling Teach Safe Blocking  
  • “Trained” status upon completion
Introduction to Competition-Position (4 - 6 hour workshop)
  • Prerequisites include:
  • NCCP #
  • Making Head Way
  • Safe Contact
    • Provided by Provincial Body
  • Modules
Plan A Practice Making Ethical Decisions Analyze Performance
Teaching and Learning Position Specific Skills - Required: 2 Positions on the same side of the ball.  
  • “Certified” status upon completion of on-site evaluation
  • Contact BCPFA for on-sight evaluator
Upcoming NCCP Clinics  

BCPFA - Coaching Development – NCCP Clinic Cost
NCCP Safe Contact (6 hours)      
Football Canada Fee $20.00